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8 ways not to sell me your IT product

  1. Refuse to answer a direct question about your product.
  2. Tell me you need to explain your company’s philosophy to me instead.
  3. Display stunning ignorance of legal software while attempting to fake knowledge of same. 
  4. Refuse to answer another direct question about your product. 
  5. Snort derisively when I tell you I use WordPerfect.
  6. Explain that the system we’re now outgrowing is “probably too much for a firm your size.” 
  7. Argue back when I attempt to explain what we need. 
  8. Refuse again to answer yet another direct question about your product, tell me you can’t send me anything in writing, and insist that we’ll need to meet again so that you can learn more about our current set-up — the one you just insinuated was stupid.