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Our officehood. #potd

CREEC’s office is in a very hopping neighborhood, full of galleries, head shops, tattoo parlors, restaurants, etc.  I loved this sign from a door a few blocks up.  Thinking of painting it on the wall of our conference room.

Image: Store window with painted text that reads, "No lowballers; no drunks; no crybabies or crying babies; no credit; no drama; no hangin' out; no soliciting."

I loved the multi-eyed beast painted on this store window, and didn’t notice until I looked at the photo on my laptop that, with the reflection, it appears to be my own head.

Image: painting on store window of goat-like creature with multiple eyes who appears superimposed on a reflection of the photographer's body.

This one is self explanatory.

Image: a utility box with graffiti that reads, "Duh."