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Our officehood. #potd

CREEC’s office is in a very hopping neighborhood, full of galleries, head shops, tattoo parlors, restaurants, etc.  I loved this sign from a door a few blocks up.  Thinking of painting it on the wall of our conference room.

Image: Store window with painted text that reads, "No lowballers; no drunks; no crybabies or crying babies; no credit; no drama; no hangin' out; no soliciting."

I loved the multi-eyed beast painted on this store window, and didn’t notice until I looked at the photo on my laptop that, with the reflection, it appears to be my own head.

Image: painting on store window of goat-like creature with multiple eyes who appears superimposed on a reflection of the photographer's body.

This one is self explanatory.

Image: a utility box with graffiti that reads, "Duh."

We love our [office] ‘hood

The neighborhood around our office won Westword’s Best Neighborhood Shopping District – 2013!  We are unintentionally hip!

I was also very pleased to see that East Asia Garden won Best Chinese Restaurant.  First of all, it’s an encouraging sign of Denver’s maturing food tastes that they’ve stopped giving the award to The Imperial, where white table cloths and fancy décor distract mainstream dining Denver from the gloppy, tasteless, Americanized food.

But more than that, East Asia Garden has some seriously badassly keepin it real Chinese dishes.  Like

East Asia Garden


East Asia Garden 02

and the best damn dumplings in Denver.

Update – I don’t even understand the grammar of this poster, yet since it’s in our office ‘hood, I am hip by association.  Um, right?