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Photos of the day #potd

Trying to stick with this this year.  My other resolution is to procrastinate less, so aaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa *snort*  we’ll see how that goes.  Anyhoo, photos for days 1, 2 & 3 of 2016.

1/1/2016:  Yeti Feet!  (Barbered soon thereafter.)

Image: golden retreiver dog's paw with much long hair sprouting through her toes.

1/2/2016:  Dumplingpalooza!

Image: close up of a pair of hands making dumplings next to a silver bowl of stuffing and a bamboo steamer of completed dumplings.  Can see that the person is wearing a Wonder Woman logo shirt.

1/3/2016:  Random photo of orange piping.

Image:  Close up of bright orange piping arrayed vertically in the photo.

I think Saguaro hacked my Amazon account #potd

{Image: mesh bag full of tennis balls.}

{Image: close up of golden retriever looking expectantly upwards.}

My evolution as a photographer

When I found this in the middle of the kitchen floor this morning, my first thought wasn’t “ew!” but “that will be an excellent photography subject!”

Image:  photo of a chunk of a wasp's nest sitting on a black background.

Image:  close-up of part of the wasp's nest.

The culprit is undoubtedly Holly, our year-old Golden Retriever, who has proudly retrieved — and often attempted to eat — sticks, mulch, a bird, a plastic box containing mouse poison,* and a four-foot length of plastic piping that was only recently an integral part of our sprinkler system.  I guess the fact that she retrieved a tissue-thin wasp’s nest and deposited it in the middle of the kitchen floor shows she can be very delicate — the “soft mouth” so valued by hunters.  Given her soft mouth, excellent retrieving skills, and laser-like focus on the squirrels, rabbits, and birds that frequent our backyard, I fear she’s wasting her true talents with indoorspeople such as Tim and me.


* After a quick trip to the vet and a couple of induced pukes, it was determined that she only ingested a couple of shards of plastic, and no actual mouse poison.

Time for a dog post!

Saguaro catching tennis balls on a nice fall afternoon.

My favorite – should have Jaws music:

Image:  a dark-gold golden retriever reaches up for a tennis ball.

Image:  a dark-gold golden retriever snaps at a tennis ball.

Image:  a dark-gold golden retriever reaches up for a tennis ball.

Image:  a dark-gold golden retriever lunges for a tennis ball.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Image:  the face of a dark-gold golden retriever.

Holly’s First Trip to the Dog Park

Image:  photo of golden retriever sitting in the sun panting.

With her friends Quince

Image: photo of coon hound mix, sitting in the sun.


and Mocho

Image:  photo of muddy havanese dog with tennis ball in his mouth.


And my attempts to coax her to swim.  (Thanks for the photos, Cara!)

“Come, Holly! Come on! Here! Give it a try.”


Image:  photo of woman in yellow fleece and khaki shorts standing in a pond trying to coax a golden retriever into the water.


“Aw, geez. You’re a retriever for Pete’s sake.”


Image:  photo of woman in yellow fleece and khaki shorts standing in water with her arms outstretched.


“See:  all these other dogs like the water! [And the treats I was trying to bribe you with.]”


Image:  photo of woman in yellow fleece and khaki shorts standing in water, surrounded by a large grey great dane, a smaller golden-doodle, and the coon hound; the golden retriever watches from the shore.


“Let’s try this pond . . . and a leash.”


Image:  photo of woman in yellow fleece and khaki shorts standing in water holding the leash of a golden retreiver, attempting to urge the dog to come in the water.


“Good dog!”


Image:  photo of woman in yellow fleece and khaki shorts standing in water now up to her knees, coaxing the golden retriever to come in up to her haunches.  The havanese happily swims in the lower part of the photo.


Image:  close up of the golden retriever, on her leash, standing in the water up to her haunches.


Image: photo of golden retriever running toward the camera with her tongue out.



Image:  photo of the backside of a coon hound.

Veterinary euphemism.

Last week, our sweet little puppy, Holly,

Image: photo of golden retriever puppy's face, close up.

hunted down, killed, and partially consumed a bird.  So while that photo may look cute, it’s really a MUG SHOT.  This has predictably caused stomach problems of the kind that has me running after her with a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Nature’s Miracle.*  The problems became serious enough by yesterday (I’ll spare you why) that we took her to the vet, who asked, “how long has it been since her dietary indiscretion?

Which means, apparently, “how long since she ate weird shit.”

But I love the new terminology!  Here, I’ll use it in a sentence:  “No, I didn’t eat the entire bag of potato chips.  I merely committed a dietary indiscretion.

The term could be especially useful for Tim, who regularly commits dietary indiscretions by pouring A1 sauce — often followed by hot sauce and salad dressing — on random food:  pasta; salad; cereal.  (Love you!)

So while few of us are indiscreet enough to prey on innocent but apparently disease-ridden birds, I thought the term was useful enough to escape its veterinary origins for wider application.

Holly  is now on the mend on antibiotics and a “bland diet” which is vet-speak for “foul-smelling glop in a can.”**


* While this may sound like something that cures cancer or allows humans to fly, it is in fact just a cleaning fluid that removes dog poop stains and odors, which is, indeed, sort of miraculous when you have a puppy.

** Originally typo-ed “fowl,” which would send Holly all the wrong messages in this situation!


Puppy action photo

In trying to get this photo

Image:  photo of golden retriever puppy with yogurt on her nose

I got this one first, which I was going to discard but which I’ve decided I sort of like:


Image:  blurry photo of golden retriever puppy trying to lick yogurt off her nose.